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more About Yellow Blossom

Yellow Blossom was created in 2018 to provide a memorable experience for all customers and be the first option when a customer reaches for exceptional quality and unique taste. We deliver on this promise by bringing the taste of Brazil to the U.S. by creating a dish called pamonha.

Liliane learned how to prepare and cook pamonhas from her uncles in Goiania, Brazil where her family keeps the traditional recipe. Creating pamonhas generally meant a special occasion, invoking a feeling of family and fellowship. In addition to the taste, she wanted to bring a dash of Brazil to the U.S.

What is a pamonha (pronounced Pah-Moan-Yah)? Don't let this silly, strange word fool you, it is full of outstanding taste. Think of it as a Brazilian tamale wrapped in a corn husk, the husk is required to hold all that potent delicious taste inside, creating a wonderful combination of flavors.


Yellow Blossom stands out by preparing all products with fresh, non-GMO, and gluten free ingredients. The main ingredient in our products is fresh corn, we use no corn grit, corn meal, preservatives, or artificial flavors. By doing this we create a pamonha that has a divine texture and a mouthwatering taste.


We offer 3 flavors, which are sweet, savory, and spicy. To accommodate a wide range of tastes, we offer our Brazilian tamales in corn husks providing the traditional Brazilian experience, baked to a golden brown, or in a convenient, BPA free bag. In addition, we prepare vegan pamonhas for our customers with dietary restrictions.

If you have any questions regarding our products, deliveries or want to learn more about pamonhas please reach out to us. Our contact info. is below.